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  • Anne Brillet

The KitBrix Citybrix Launch

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Already a retained client, KitBrix brought us an additional standalone project in the form of a brand new bag ready for launch. Releasing a product with a detailed strategy across all touch points isn't standard practice for KitBrix, so we were keen to see the difference this could make.

We built a 360 launch strategy from the ground up starting with the customer persona: the dedicated sport enthusiast who matches their training with a driven career. Someone seeking efficiency improvements without compromise to their routine.

We needed an engaging phrase that encapsulated what the CityBrix bag has to offer, and we landed on "Play harder, work smarter". It's lighthearted but also determined, a perfect fit for the KitBrix brand.

We shot lifestyle photography on the streets of Brighton featuring Yanick Duarte, a Ju-jitsu champion and instructor, as well as a father of two. The CityBrix bag answered his needs as a busy, sporty, family man.

We built a hero product page to highlight the features of the bag as well as demonstrate its unique design. This differs from a regular purchase product page as it tells the story and information about the product to the customer in an intuitive and immersive fashion.

With a strong social media ad campaign along with specific partnership activations and PPC investment, the launch of the CityBrix bag has been a great success!

See the CityBrix

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