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  • Anne Brillet

PEMBREE Bicycle Components sign up with Unearth Marketing

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

We are beyond stoked to be working with PEMBREE. As a UK brand focussing on sustainable manufacturing methods and designing for longevity, we believe that we can supercharge their marketing and ensure that their products are being considered every time someone picks up a set of pedals.

We are currently working on their overarching strategy. We're particularly excited about PEMBREE as the brand shares a lot of our own professional and personal values.

I am excited to be working with Unearth as I believe they truly get PEMBREE as a brand and me as an individual. They are very flexible and nimble with their approach, which suits PEMBREE particularly well. Their experience in the bicycle trade is outstanding and I believe that this is the start of a long partnership.

Phil Law - Founder PEMBREE LTD

We are working with PEMBREE's in-house graphic designer to build a memorable brand awareness campaign through social and email channels.

Find out more on PEMBREE on their UK site.

Watch this space!

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