At the core of each business is the most important part, the people.

A group of individuals who care about making a difference to your business. To us you're not just numbers on a screen you are the soul behind your venture and we aim to make your dreams come a reality.

Passionate about what we do, we believe in building a long term strategy to make your business a sustainable one


Born in Paris, I moved to the UK in 2003 to experience new horizons and learn the English language.

I am a classically trained marketeer who likes to think outside the box, graduating with a degree in Business Management and Marketing in 2013.

I have over seven years of marketing experience in strategic positions such as Local Marketeer for the Snow+Rock group, Business Development Manager for Specialized Bicycles UK and Global Marketing Manager for Specialized Europe and Global.

Empathy and kindness are my true value, but I also hold very high standards (yes, I'm that person who pesters until shit gets done).

I am passionate about the outdoor and the mountains and feel fortunate to be able to have worked for the best in the business.

 Email: anne@weareunearth.com

Anne Brillet
Jack Davey
Marketing Executive

I’m something of an outdoors-industry lifer, spending my time outside school and music college on the spanners at various bike shops. After I graduated, a few years at a post-production studio honed my creative skills but my head was always in the outdoors. I’ve been working on two-wheeled strategy and content ever since.

Over 7 years experience behind various brands – including one of my own – have enabled me to identify, empathise with and communicate effectively with a broad range of audiences. 10 clients a day in the post studio taught me how to recognise and assume the right tone for a given project without missing a beat. Now, at Unearth, I’m bringing it all together.


Away from my desk, you’ll most likely find me several hours into a road or gravel ride, trying to keep up with significantly-more-skilled riders at Peaslake, or mopping up an oil leak under my Triumph Thunderbird.

 Email: jack@weareunearth.com

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Andrew Richardson
Creative & Content Director

As Unearth’s resident photographer, film maker and overall content brains, I work on your brand image and build stories designed to make a difference to your business.

I graduated from Southampton Solent University in 2013 with a bachelors in photography, whilst training to become a retoucher at London’s most-renowned retouching and 3D motion graphics studio.


I have over six years of content marketing and editorial experience working for some of the cycling industry's best, such as Sigma Sports, Enduro Mountainbike Magazine and Specialized Bicycles Components.


Dreaming up and producing content that people want to read is my bag and I am an expert at utilising social channels to convey the right message.


My passion is outdoor sports, primarily mountain biking and the occasional road/gravel ride.

 Email: andrew@weareunearth.com

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If you're a marketer with a passion for supporting small businesses, a creative with awesome ideas or anyone keen to make a difference, don't hesitate to get in touch. We'll always get back to you. Promise.


We currently have a job opening for.a Junior Social Media and Marketing Executive.