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Get Your Kit Together: Indestructible - campaign case study

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Kitbrix came to us with a problem: their sales had plateaued due to the specialised nature (aka small size) of their customer base. They knew that their product range would be useful to people beyond the triathlon sphere, but they needed to get the word out – and make sure that the word was the right one. That’s where we stepped in.

The unique selling points of the KitBrix hero product – the KitBrix bag – are its robust construction and modular, infinitely expandable storage capacity. The supporting cast of smaller ticket items continues the organised and weatherproof theme. We identified that these attributes would be valuable to just about anybody interested in outdoor pursuits but that the existing brand identity would not necessarily appeal to everyone. We suggested shifting the brand identity away from a serious, data-driven elite performance approach to a warmer, more irreverent one. One that values every means of enjoying the outdoors as much as a podium place or PB. This naturally tied in with the bright colours of the hero product range and the accessible price point, not to mention opening up the markets of family-friendly camping, surf sports, and other activities where you’re unlikely to find heart rate monitors!

Our 12-month campaign – highlighting the resilience of the bag, the organisational benefits of the modular design, and the importance of the bag’s role as a partner-in-adventure – is (at the time of writing) ongoing. However, the effects of part one, “Indestructible”, are already being felt.

With maximum bombast and energy, we hit the ground running by creating a film to demonstrate the sort of abuse the KitBrix bag will take. In the setting of a cycling event’s aftermath, compèred by Alec Briggs, this demonstration pulled no punches. In fact, the bag was comprehensively attacked by the crowd with a baseball bat, piñata-style, in an attempt to obtain the prizes hidden within. All riders left empty-handed. Additional stills shoots saw the bags filled to the brim with water bottles, beers and firewood – even dragging the bag around by MTB and using them as waders to step into the sea!

The result was a share-worthy, larger-than-life exhibition of the hero product that instantly turned over a new leaf for the brand’s public perception. A revamped website, populated by new copy to match the campaign imagery, plus a modest paid media campaign yielded results more-or-less instantly. The first full month post-launch was a company record for D2C revenue. Currently, the organic social reach is sitting at more than double pre-campaign levels, and IG page visits are up over 400%.

The foundations are now firmly in place for part two. Watch this space!

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