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Unearth Introduce: Jack Davey

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Hello! I'm Jack, and today I join the esteemed ranks of Unearth Marketing.

I've known both Anne and Andrew for several years and watched them found Unearth with great interest and excitement, so it's a genuine pleasure to join them professionally and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the clients over the next few weeks. I'll be looking after the day-to-day implementation of everybody's strategies, copywriting and covering the socials (amongst other things). If there's anything you need to know or I can help with, please feel free to drop me a line at If you're just curious to hear a bit more about me, I guess you must be quite bored! Well, OK...if you insist.

I started off in the cycle trade when I was 16, and while I've made forays into other areas I've always had a dog in the fight when it comes to the outdoors industry. Having worked in-house at brands such as Brompton, The Cafe Racer and Morvélo, the opportunity to now draw on all areas of my interest and expertise at Unearth is very cool, to say the least.

Riding-wise, I'm fairly unashamedly a shining example of what happens when somebody becomes obsessed with cycling: I think the only discipline I'm yet to turn my hand to would be speedway. However I'm often at pains to point out that – while I take part in cycling in a "sporting" fashion – my primary concern is with the bicycle as a ticket to positive civic and ecological change. Riding a bike makes me incredibly happy, and I want that for everyone. That said, my second love is probably slaying myself up inclines until I can't really see anymore, so swings and Dutch-style roundabouts I guess. For 2021, I've signed up for the Atlas Mountain Race and the N/S Downs Escapade as my first attempts at multi-day racing. Updates on how that pans out as they come.

When my legs are taking a break, I still like to keep things two-wheeled. There's a lot of crossover between the motorcycle and bicycle worlds, the endless opportunities for tweaking and personalising for e.g., and a pretty high proportion of my riding buddies partake in both. Taking out the engine-powered bike from time to time offers a similar viewpoint to take in the surroundings, while also covering ground a little quicker if that's what's needed that day.

It's not all bikes all the time, of course, and should anybody call for it I can chew your ear off about obscure sub-genres of moody music as readily as I can about groupset cross-compatibility (for some reason, people rarely do call for idea why...).

To hit me up about work stuff, or any of the above, fire off an email to Until then!

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