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Refining a Brand & Creating a Transformation - Our work with ABSOLUTE360

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

ABSOLUTE360's founder, Umberto Bergonzini, challenged us for his brand to become the #1 infrared technology sportswear in the UK. After spending time on ABSOLUTE360's site and other media channels, we quickly identified several issues and created a strategy designed to elevate the brand and clarify its offering.

#1 Performance Sports Apparel - Overall Brand Image

ABSOLUTE360's offering is technical performance apparel which helps you go further and recover faster. The imagery used on the site and the overall look and feel were not representative of the brand's product positioning. The image quality was low and not illustrative of the performance element of the brand, with runners smiling and enjoying what seemed like a casual jog as opposed to front-of-the-pack serious runners, which are the ABSOLUTE360's target market. We therefore briefed Will Harper-Penrose, ABSOLUTE360's photographer, on the type of images needed and provided him with a moldboard.

The results were absolutely brilliant and created the necessary images for our relaunch campaign.

We also created a brand guidelines booklet to ensure consistency across all media platforms. It included:

- Logo use

- Imagery type and look and feel

- Fonts

- Colours

- Applications

- Tone of voice

- Mission statement

#2 Demystifying Infrared

The products offered by ABSOLUTE360 are centred around a primary feature - infrared technology. This technology is designed to enhance performance and speed up recovery. However, the website lacked sufficient information about the technology, and there were no clear indications of where to find more product details.

After identifying the problem, we created assets that clarify infrared technology, its features and benefits, and included an FAQ to answer common questions.

You can check out the page here.

#3 Made in Italy

During our discussions with Umberto, an Italian himself, we learned that ABSOLUTE360's clothing items are produced locally in Northern Italy instead of being outsourced to the Far East. We noticed that this significant detail was missing from the ABSOLUTE360 website and ensured that it was included with a specific dedicated page as well as a header banner on the homepage.

Italian-made garments are synonymous with quality, performance, and style, which aligns perfectly with ABSOLUTE360's ethos and products. Therefore, it was essential to highlight the location and manufacturing process. You can check out the page here.

#4 A Brand Strategy

At Unearth Marketing, we always like to work on a marketing strategy ahead of any marketing tactics put in place. For ABSOLUTE360, we created a cohesive strategy designed to target specifically the right market. This included a SWOT analysis of the business, an in-depth customer profiling and a four-pillar strategy for the immediate future and the next 12 months.

This strategy focused on positioning, awareness, and engagement, with corresponding tactics to achieve set KPIs.

#5 The Launch Campaign and Beyond

We relaunched the brand at the start of November 23. An assertive introductory offer was crucial to stay ahead of the competition during our Black Friday brand relaunch, so we decided to create an offer of -25% for non-subscribers and -30% for customers on our mailing list.

Our promotion channels were organic social media, Meta paid ads and email campaigns. So far, the results have been promising, with an increase of 122% in traffic and 96% in revenue compared with last year.

From Umberto:

From the very first introductory meeting, I felt there was a good vibe and a genuine interest in wanting to help me solve my pain points and work together towards elevating the brand and taking ABSOLUTE360 to the next level.

Objectives and milestones were created and met throughout the various phases of the project. I am now looking forward to having Anne and the team working alongside me to support the growth of the business.


If you want to find out more about Unearth and need our support for your branding and marketing activities, don't hesitate to get in touch at

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