Wax Poetics

300% ROAS & CPA reduction of 84.5%

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300% ROAS over a 5-month period

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9.27% CTR across all social advertising

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CPA reduction of 84.5%

The relaunch

If you’re looking to start vinyl digging and aren’t sure where to start, then look no further than the team behind Wax Poetics. Known as the epitome of the resurgence in vinyl for hip hop, soul, funk and electronic music, they provide a one stop shop for all things music journalism and the level of intricate knowledge displayed in their online magazine allows record lovers to get their heads into the artist's frame of mind. 
In 2019, Wax Poetics led a crowdfunding campaign to revitalise the once paper magazine to become an online publication for the masses - and with old and new vinyl heads getting behind the idea, their campaign reached its peak within a few weeks. 
However, such a niche magazine that reported on such niche music required a special form of marketing. After all, you can’t just put your digital magazine on Google Shopping for vinyl listeners and hope they’ll sign up. The audience is usually found scouring old vinyl shops in back alleys for limited releases, not on HMV’s website.


So, what was the problem?


  • Their anecdotal consumer was completely different to their true consumer

  • They didn’t know how to reach new consumers

  • Their previous marketing efforts were generalised with no specific targeting


Customisation of advertising content

Luckily for us, Wax Poetics had a vast range of data from the past year, so we could really deep-dive into trends and every form and source of audience they had access to. We correctly installed tracking codes and set up A/B testing for specifically bucketed audiences based on their previous conversions and engagement throughout the site. 


We quickly learnt that their potential consumers weren’t searching Google for vinyl or to learn about new artists - they were actively following these artists and spending copious amounts of time researching their backgrounds. Working with Wax Poetics, we put together the top artists and similar artists of each genre we were targeting, allowing us to customize the artwork and article promoted, based on their interests. 

The outcome

  • ROAS of 300% over the course of 5-months

  • CTR of 9.27% through all META advertising 

  • CPA of £6.50, down from £42.00

  • European, UK and US targeting based on cities with bid adjustments

If you'd like to learn more about how we helped Wax Poetics grow or you'd like us to help you, be sure to get in contact.