The Electric Bike Shop

Full online & in-store rebrand plus paid advertising management producing 1400% ROAS

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80% increase in organic revenue

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1400% return on ad spend over 3-months

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180% increase in new users MoM

The rebrand

The Electric Bike Shop had a great problem on their hands; they were growing at an exponential rate through the early stages of the pandemic and accelerated their plans for nationwide expansion, but didn't know how to develop their online presence to work alongside their in-store offering. 

Karl Haden, CEO of The Electric Bike Shop, came to us asking an open ended question back in 2020. "We're looking to expand rapidly and become a nationwide chain of local electric bike shops. What do we need to do?"

Firstly, we addressed every aspect of their branding and how colours/logos fitted with their current and future stores. From there, we replicated the new branding online and through all consumer facets.  

The result? A concise, subtle link between The Electric Bike Shop's 'E' and a plug socket in a defining, deep canary yellow.  


Segmentation of paid marketing audiences 

Not every user shows buying signals, so why waste money advertising to them? Through simple yet effective processes which bucket each user depending on their source, interests, age, engagement and product views, we build audience segments that helped us recognise buying signals. This process took around 3-weeks, but once implemented, reduced our CPA by 46%.

These buckets allowed us to retarget with an average CTR of 2.8% through Display and Gmail retargeting and totalled an increase of 1400% return over a 3-month period. 

Furthering organic search rankings with technical SEO and content

With a name like The Electric Bike Shop, it becomes incredibly difficult to rank higher due to relevancy against other electric bike shops. Unearth conducted an SEO deep-dive on the site, allowing us to develop a long-term SEO strategy that would rank The Electric Bike Shop higher on generic search terms - ideal for a nationwide brand. 

Over a 6-month period, we saw an increase of 80% in organic traffic and a 65% increase in rankings for generic search terms. As site visibility improved, organic turnover increased by 25% and returning users increased by 35%.

The outcome?

  • A total overhaul of all customer facing assets including store fronts, emails, invoices and even receipts

  • Brand new website look & feel with an SEO overhaul and replicating new branding

  • 80% increase in organic revenue over 6-months

  • 1400% return on ad spend

  • 180% increase in new users