South Downs Bikes

1600% ROAS and 400% online revenue increase

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400% increase in online revenue

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1600% ROAS over a
3-month period

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30-day repeat customer rate of 15%

The ad campaign

South Downs Bikes opened their doors 18-years ago and pitching themselves as the number one bike shop for customer service West Sussex. Their wide range of stock, well presented shops and experienced, professional team saw riders from all over the county come and purchase products from their store. 18-years down the road and South Downs Bikes have three stores and a growing internet department, so, what’s the problem?


With more shops on the horizon, SDB wanted to capitalise on their now large stock holding across the company and stabilise their sales numbers through a viable online presence. They had a website and an eBay page, but because they didn’t run any advertising, orders were far and few between and they had no idea where or how users got to their site. 


  • They have no visibility of customers

  • Were running at a loss on their website through all avenues

  • Their conversion rate was 0.2%

  • They had a 0% return customer purchase rate

Something had to be done. 

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How did we fix this?

  • Implemented the correct tracking codes on their eCommerce website

  • Assessed their profitability throughout the website and eBay and instead of selling high value items on the marketplace, used the high margin / low profit items to fund advertising campaigns and grow the core website

  • Setup their marketing funnel and attributed sales to see what activities were working and what weren’t

  • Ran mid-funnel advertising across all platforms

  • Set up a rewards tier system to bring consumers back to the platform to use their accrued points on total spend

The outcome?

  • ROAS of 1600% over 3-months

  • 400% increase in online revenue

  • 30-day return customer purchase rate of 15%


If you’d like to learn more about how we helped South Downs Bikes grow or you’d like us to help you, be sure to get in contact.