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Richmond Cycles Sign up with Unearth Marketing

Updated: May 4, 2021

We're stoked that Richmond Cycles have signed up with Unearth Marketing to work on their strategic marketing, digital presence and social media. As the oldest bicycle shop in Richmond it's a unique opportunity for Unearth to take them to the next stage in their journey.

After many successful years as a business, Richmond Cycles are keen to highlight their unique place in the Richmond community and bring their knowledge and high level of customer service to the wider audience.

"As a local bike store ingrained in the local community it is key for our collaboration to remain authentic to the true values of the store and bring their individuality to light."

Anne, Unearth Marketing

Richmond Cycles pride themselves with outstanding customer service, hand selected products and brands, all in a non-intimidating set up. Something that Unearth Marketing will be able to bring to light and transpire to the digital age.

"We are delighted to be partnering up with Unearth Marketing and we believe that our collaboration will be what we need to take Richmond Cycles to the next level. Feeling like RC is moving at warp speed into the 2020's."

Richard, Richmond Cycles

Andrew and Anne from Unearth Marketing are super excited to be working with Richard, Matt and the team at Richmond Cycles to bring to light all the great work they already do as a business and provide them with the marketing structure to turn a great business into a world class one.

All done digitally, we have been able to grasp the essence of Richmond as a business and plan a series of activities and campaigns to enhance the customer journey.

In lights of current events, the nation has turned once again towards cycling and has found a new sparked love for our sport, so now is the best time to captivate this new audience and ensure they walk through the doors of your shop.

Unearth supports independent retailers with traditional and digital marketing to bring their vision to life and increase awareness and foot fall.

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