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  • Anne Brillet

Nominated for a Bike Biz award and what it means for our start-up

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Starting your own business in the middle of a pandemic is never an easy path, but with years of expertise in the bicycle world and a booming industry, we decided to take the leap.

After going through redundancy, we both thought simultaneously "well, who's going to hire us now?" and "what have we got to lose?".

So, with a brand new website, a shiny logo and a business strategy in place, we launched Unearth Marketing in May 2020. We signed our first client Richmond Cycles the same month and we have now, six months later, built a sustainable business.

But working for yourself comes with its own challenges and not having a line manager can be daunting at times. However, we are fortunate to have each other to sense check our ideas and run projects by, further allowing us to be transparent and honest with each of our clients.

When we received the email that we had been nominated for a Bike Biz award, we were ecstatic, as for us, it is not just one more trophy to add on our mantlepiece, it's a seal of recognition from the industry that we love. It's also a push of support telling us to keep going and that we're doing the right thing by our clients and the bicycle world.

Now, imagine if we won? Give us a vote to try and make that happen.

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