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Luchos – Brand Film & Market Positioning

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The Luchos product had a passionate following among its disciples, but the team were struggling to deliver the message to the wider sports nutrition community. Existing media was functional and informative, but was lacking in emotional and aspirational elements. We suggested creating a brand film that combined the brand’s existing association with elite-tier sport with an inclusive touch that would capture the imagination of a wider audience.

Our concept is based around the components that make up the perfect training session. While there is undoubtedly a focus on performance, it is performance measured on personal parameters rather than podium places. The prize on offer is emotional as much as physical. The script also balances references to a data-led approach with the satisfaction of simply getting out and feeling good on the trail, on the bike – whatever the chosen pursuit. The product had its time in the sun too, with a few key shots to highlight the USP.

We worked with our longterm collaborator and former Unearthling Andrew Richardson to capture our vision and deliver the final edit. Switching between drone and gimbal shots, at a carefully selected location that covered both road cycling and trial running scenes, the end product was delivered economically and without fuss.

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