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  • Anne Brillet

Hoops sign Up with Unearth Marketing

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We're very excited to have Hoops on board with Unearth Marketing to work on the re-brand of their three locations in Farnham, Walton and newly acquired Petersfield store.

As some of Hampshire and Surrey's finest bicycles stores, Unearth will work with the team at elevating Hoops and bringing its true unique experience to the three stores.

We see a real opportunity with Hoops and are delighted at being given the opportunity to bring the brand to world class level.

Hoops pride themselves with outstanding customer service coupled with quality products.

With a full refurb of their Walton and Petersfield stores in the pipeline, we believe Hoops will place itself as real destination stores.

It's been great working with an agency with such a depth of knowledge of the bicycle industry from retail to branding. It helps not having to explain the categories and who our customers are. Unearth just get it.

Gary Bird, Hoops

Andrew and Anne from Unearth Marketing are stoked to be able to work with Gary and the teams from the three stores and bring the true essence of the stores to world class stage.

After a difficult summer for the UK, people have turned to cycling for commuting, sports and recreation to the the delight of bike stores and the frustration of mechanics.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all bike stores around the country who have worked super hard to keep everyone on two wheels.

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