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  • Anne Brillet

Brixton Cycles sign up with Unearth Marketing

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

To say we are pumped is an understatement. We're super excited to be able to work with Brixton Cycles and bring this store's unique spirit to a wider audience.

Brixton Cycles was established as a cooperative in 1983 and has seen four difference premises. During this time the store has always kept its focus as a community store, happy to help and keep the Brixton residents spinning.

Brixton as an area in recent years, has seen a fairly dramatic shift in its identity and population but Brixton Cycles has always kept true to their nature and value.

We see an amazing opportunity to bring Brixton Cycles unique character to more riders, whilst keeping true to their core and their stand.

Brixton Cycles isn't just a store, it's the heart and soul of a community. A unique team who treat each and every one of their customers equally.

The team at Unearth is super pleased to be able to work with such a unique store and bring to life the stories and essence of what makes Brixton Cycles special.

The whole coop team is super excited to be able to work with Unearth, to support us and bring to light everything that goes on in Brixton Cycles.

Beck, Brixton Cycles Director (one of 6)

2020 has been a challenging year for all, particularly bike stores, but this new found interest in cycling from the Brixton community is here to stay. We're looking forward to working with Brixton in bringing their store to the next level.

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