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An inside look from Unearth Marketing’s Creative Director and co-founder, Andrew Richardson

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Believe it or not, and without exaggeration, I’ve been asked this question every single day for the past four weeks. Inquisitive family, friends, colleagues and even members of LinkedIn who I’d never interacted with before:

Why have we set up Unearth Marketing? Simple, really.

Unearth Marketing Logo

I’ve always wanted to build something new, from the ground-up, the way I believe it should be run. A co-managed, professional marketing agency for independent businesses that’s not just affordable but leaves behind all the hierarchy and politics that big businesses are known for.

Unearth Marketing’s sole purpose is to support independent businesses who don’t have the time and experience to be up to date with current marketing practices, or the budget to hire a full-time marketing manager. With 13-years of combined experience at both retail and brand level, we offer a unique solution in the form of a highly skilled, motivated marketing team, all with one simple and affordable, monthly price package.

Okay, enough of the marketing pitch. Where did the idea come from?

This is super cliché, but it’s one of those scribbled on the back of a napkin stories. Three/four beers in, chewing each other’s ear off about what our dream company would look like, when the cogs start whirring…

Why does every local business invest their hard-earned money into a website, then wonder why it doesn’t increase their revenue stream? I’ll tell you why: because managing a brick and mortar business and running your marketing campaigns are completely different. Both are full-time jobs, and both require two different skill sets to ensure they’re run successfully.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the expertise of Unearth Marketing comes in.

Andrew Richardson photograph

Why you two specifically though?

Anne and I have mixed in the same circles over the past six or seven years. We met at the Rouleur Classic, where she was working as an event’s organiser for The Telegraph. I was fresh in the door at Snow & Rock, whilst she had only just left. Soon after, I started at Sigma Sports, and she moved across to Specialized Bicycle Components. After two-years of meeting on the odd-occasion, I then joined Specialized Bicycles.

We collaborated on a vast number of projects over a three-year period, and with two contrasting, yet equally complimentary skill sets, I see us as a power duo, like Hall & Oates.

Anne Brillet photo

Are there any setup costs to join?

Unlike other marketing agencies, Unearth don’t, and won’t ever, charge any empty admin fees. What I mean by empty, is charging for the sake of charging you, like when you call up your insurance company and they charge £15 to change the address on your policy. That’s an empty admin fee, and it’s just not good business practice.

We do, however, have a flat rate onboarding fee which is incredible value for the money and includes:

· A bespoke strategy for your marketing activities

· Benchmarking of local businesses

· Customer profiling

· Roadmap of tactics

· Photoshoot of your store and team

· Photoshoot of local area

Even better, if you take out one of our bundles instead of a monthly subscription, the onboarding fee vanishes into thin air!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my elongated article about why we started Unearth. If you’ve got any questions, just drop me an email to, or hey, let’s go for a ride and a beer.

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