13:1 ROAS and CPA reduction of 85%

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Reduction in CPA by 85% over 3-months

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13:1 return on ad spend over 3-months

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68 million impressions over 6-months

The ad campaign

MATE Bike were founded in 2016 by siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm Carto with the goal of challenging dense traffic congestion, aiding in the climate change crisis and enhancing peoples mobility whilst improving physical health. Over the course of the last 6-years, they’ve gone from strength to strength, opening franchises around the world and bringing MATE to over 20 countries. 

Wind it back to 2020, and MATE Bike UK had a problem: a lot of stock and no clue how to sell it. They were running incredibly general ad campaigns to a wide audience of environmentalists, green conscious purchasers and people within major cities. The problem? 

  • Their campaigns were poorly set up

  • Their display campaigns weren’t engaging

  • Their time to conversion was between 10 weeks and 12 weeks

  • Their conversion rate was 0.01%

Something had to be done. 


Redesigned ad and campaign strategy

Firstly, we completely redesigned their campaign strategy. Moving away from pitching themselves as the green conscious, urban bike to a premium fashion and lifestyle accessory, we bucketed users via their previous purchases online and their interests: Moncler, Rick Owens, Burberry, Canada Goose, Gucci etc - all the premium streetwear brands 30 - 45 year olds with disposable income like to be associated with. 
Following this with implementing the correct tracking codes and bucketing audiences by engagement allowed us to narrow down potential users, reducing any excess use of ad spend. 
Our approach was simple, but effective.

Top of funnel

A mixture of broader terms throughout Google Adwords and Facebook/Instagram targeting, using advanced bid adjustments depending on the audience and location. 



Remarketing on social channels depending on engagement and previous visits to the site, using highly engaging content that’s artworked specifically for the consumer depending on the specific product they show an interest in.



Google Shopping and specific brand terms on Google Ads to rank above competitors. 

The outcome?

  • ROAS of 8:1 during the brands initial brand awareness phase with a budget of £20,000.00

  • ROAS of 13:1 in the brands next 3-month phase on a budget of £12,000.00 

  • CPA of £45.00 vs their original £300.00

  • 68 million impressions throughout the UK

  • Total return of £316,000.00 on an ad spend of £32,000.00


If you’d like to learn more about how we helped MATE grow or you’d like us to help you, be sure to get in contact.