Whether you are promoting a brand new product, looking to launch a campaign to increase reach and revenue or renewing and revitalising your brand image to create a real identity, we're here to help and support you for the whole journey from strategy planning to tactics execution.

We think creatively to deliver strategic communication solutions that work, for you and your business.

What we do


Brand Strategy and Purpose

Whether you are starting a totally new brand or aiming to renew your brand image, you should always star with your purpose and strategy. At Unearth, we can support you in finding your 'WHY'.


Customer Journey Campaigns

We're expert at building consumer journey road maps. Looking at the pre and post purchase journey, we will ensure every one of your tactics hits a consumer touchpoint to maximise exposure, reach, engagement and revenue.



We will work with you in analysing your market and building consumer personas to ensure that your marketing is right for your target customer.


360 Campaigns

At Unearth, we're experienced in building 360 campaigns which use an array of marketing channels, whilst ensuring consistency across the board to maximise brand exposure and messaging impact.


Naming and Tone of voice

If you're stuck on a name for your company, your campaign or your product, we're here to guide you in finding the right words.


Employee Onboarding

Marketing without the buy in of your team is worthless. We will work with your employees so they understand the purpose of each activity and work with your business to make it a success.