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We help outdoors and active lifestyle businesses identify and act on opportunities for sustainable growth – both on and offline. Our data-driven approach provides measurable results, and our genuine passion for brands we work with delivers unwavering authenticity.


Unearth is a specialist marketing agency, completely immersed in the outdoors. As [very] active participants of our target audiences, we are able to deliver more effective campaigns and faster results.


Independent brands across the adventure sports industry have called on our expertise to amplify their message and reach new customers.


Years of retailer- and brand-side experience across our team gives us a unique insight into the challenges these businesses face, and equips us to tackle them in a way you won’t find elsewhere.

Our services

We offer a full suite of marketing services from website creation, to social media management, content production and digital ads management. Our industry-specific knowledge allows us to deliver consistent results, and you will benefit from the combined experience and skills of our entire team at a price that beats in-house hire.

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We are infamous for our love of planning! We work closely with our clients to identify objectives and mapping out our route to achieving them.

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Paid Media

Identifying the right users to target can be costly – less so with the vast amount of active lifestyle-specific audience insight and purchase trend data we have accumulated over the years!.

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Often the first point of contact for any would-be customer, social is also often left by the wayside. Our copy team will seamlessly adopt your brand’s voice to accurately represent you on these key channels.

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Local Marketing

From in-store events to referral programs, we can help you to grow loyalty and drive new footfall to your store.

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Content Creation

With plenty of pre-production time spent assimilating your brand identity, and award-winning photographers & videographers at our disposal, we can make your content dreams a reality.

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Design & Branding

Whether you’re launching a new label or revamping to reach a different crowd, we can help you communicate your brand identity clearly.

Our work 

So we've caught your attention, but you need to see some proof? Not a problem. Have a browse through some of our past project case studies. 



CityBrix Product Launch


Paid Media Campaigns



Henley Concept Store



Retail Positioning

Our work

Recent clients


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